How to have a wild adventure in the Western Cape

2017-07-16 11:18 - Ishani Chetty
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The Mother City, as it's known to locals and better known as Cape Town to international visitors and was given the title of best City in South Africa and this comes as no surprise as it has some of the best beaches, epic sunsets and stunning views around South Africa.

Table Mountain is one of the 7 wonders of nature in the world  and it's pretty hard to miss as you can see it from nearly every corner of the Western Cape. Long street bustles at night and of all the beach-trips mere minutes from the city centre, Kalk bay is the keeper of the quaint.

Certainly a popular haunt in peak tourist periods, the cooler winter-month adventures make it a 'go- to' year-round destination.

Which brings us to the wilder side of Western Cape.

For those adrenaline junkies and those wanting to get out of their comfort zone - we have a special list of outdoor activities designed to satisfy. Take a look. 

5 Adrenaline and Adventure filled outdoor activities

1. Sky- Dive into the Mother City

To really get your heart racing the Mother City Skydiving is the of the most exhilarating experiences in Cape Town. The jumps take place all year round and will give you the 'ride of your life' as you soar above the clouds and race towards the ground - feeling the wind in your hair this is an experience for anyone wanting to take the leap!

Season: All year round

Cost: Please click here.

Highest I've ever been

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2. Paragliding 

Take a seat in the clouds and face your fears as you tower over the beautiful Cape Town when you go paragliding. The paragliding session can last from 7 - 20 minutes but this is fully dependent on weather conditions. Swoop off signal hill like a bird as you hit the blue skies. 

Season: All year round - dependent on weather conditions.

Cost: R 1150 

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3. Snorkel with the Cape seals

Snorkel through the water with the seals of the Cape with Animal Ocean. The fur seals of the Cape are most abundant during summer - get close and personal with these friendly creatures in the Atlantic Ocean. All equipment is provided for this adventure - do not fret as the wet suit will keep you warm and if that does not do the trick the hot chocolate provided after should. All precautions are taken and it is a requirement that you are a good swimmer. This wet and wild adventure is 3 hours long. 

Season:  Summer 

Cost: R 800 per person 

The seals at Duiker Island love to play. Book now at :D

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4. Shark Cage Diving 

Come face to face with the oceans largest predatory fish in the ocean  - the Great white shark. The best place to go shark cage diving is in 'sharks alley' which is located in Gaansbaai. The great jaws of the Great white shark will be seen up and close through the safety of a steel cage. Dare to get in to the cold waters and brave the encounter! Enter the cages of Shark Bookings for an unforgettable adventure. 

Season: All-year-round

Cost: R 1 150 

Winter for white sharks is coming soon!!

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5. Kayaking

Glide above the ocean waters as you kayak through Cape Towns most ideal spots with Kaskazi Kayaks and adventures. No experience is required for this wonderful experience and as the mystery of the ocean awaits you who knows what you will see! Various people have witnessed dolphins jumping out the waters up close and personal. You are bound to get a good arm work out with this activity - breathe the fresh ocean air in and enjoy the 2 hour trip.

Season: All year round 

Cost: R 350 per person 

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Huge table cloth!

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What are you waiting for? Cape Town has a bustling list of outdoor activities to keep you busy and enjoying the lush nature and pristine ocean. 

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