This middle-seat fix could see you dangerously close to your co-passenger's armpit

2019-07-20 06:30
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We've all dreaded that flight where we're squashed into the centre seat. Yet a third of passengers on board a plane suffers this fate with each flight - having to make contact with passengers next to them through awkward armrest wrestling.

Now, a new solution has been proposed, but we're not convinced.  

A middle-seat prototype redesign called the S1 has received US Federal Aviation Administration approval. Designed by Molon Labe Seating, it sees a staggered middle seat, which places the person in the middle seat slightly lower and a few inches further back from your other passengers.

This new middle seat will also be slightly wider - but the extra inches will have to come from somewhere, leaving the left and right seats narrower. It also means as the person in the centre will be placed in Armpit-Ville view. 

Fast Company reports an undisclosed airline is set to deploy this new design in 50 of its planes by 2020, servicing routes across the US. Watch the video below to see an illustration of the design.

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However, when you consider the many elbow debacles that have ensued on planes as a result of the middle seat, maybe any solution is better than nothing.