Sexy entomologist has time of his life chasing creepy crawlies

2015-11-24 20:30 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - This hot entomologist is showing the world exactly how a love for goggas allows you to travel to the most exciting places on earth.

In his pledge to get the world caring about insects and respecting the land we share with them, Phil Torres took to studying the life and many functions of insects all over the world. 

Bees, lizards, butterflies and the scariest looking spiders all manage to put a smile on his face and a lump in the throat of his thousands of Instagram followers. 

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"I have been into entomology and observing the natural world around me since I could first walk over and pick up a snake under a log or a bug in the trees in Colorado," Phil Torres told Tech Insider

From his grubby hobby, he realized he could travel to the most incredible places and discover a life he never could have imagined. 

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His love of bugs has even allowed him to address some of travel's serious issues, like the illegal import of wildlife and the preservation of endangered species. He once managed to get lost in a forest full of quicksand and has even discovered over forty new species in two different continents, says Tech Insider 

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Take a look at how a love for something most of us are afraid of can lead you to the adventures of a lifetime...

A good way to measure a stick insect in the jungle is to put it on your face

He is the host of Science TV TechKnow for Al Jazeera America - here he is interviewing the western terrestrial garter snake, Thamnophis elegans

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There is a certain method to making conversation with a Peruvian snake

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The night life in Ecuador is spine-chilling

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Spending time with the locals on the Galapagos Islands

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"If people stopped buying illegal wildlife products today, the multi-billion dollar industry driving species extinct would collapse tomorrow."

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This peanut headed bug's aposematic eyespots offer the best shades any traveller could wish for

His idea of a great Halloween costume...

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A friendly encounter with the Amazonian rainbow boa that gets its name from the colourful sheen in its skin 

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Travellers essentials for the Arctic - "The 300mm lens is for the polar bears, the net is for the butterflies, and the sunscreen is because mom told me to."

Simply because the wonder of being a traveller is that you get to meet amazing travellers too. 

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