DEBUNKED! 5 Air travel myths that might have had you fooled

2017-11-01 10:09 - Sam Smith
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 To be able to call yourself a 'seasoned traveller', you need to have lived through a few travel bloopers in your life. 

You might have thought you're fluent in Thai... only to realise your not. You might have spent 10 hours trying to figure where you are in Rome, and then ultimately miss every iconic landmark there is to see... 

It happens to the best of us. 

Some travel mistakes may be because of your own doing, and some can be because you're a bit inexperienced. 

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Fortunately, these bloopers can be avoided.

Traveller24 has put together some useful tips on how to avoid simple travel misconceptions before they come back and bite you in the ass...

Understanding the following five important rules will help you save a lot of time and allow you to pass through the airport baggage check-in, security control, boarding tunnels, into your seat and to your destination - effortlessly. 


Your airline won't always pay for your delay

While airlines try to make up delayed flights and long layovers by putting you up for the night, always make sure you have enough money with you in case you are asked to pay and offered a reimbursement. 

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Security procedures differ

Security at Beira International Mozambique Airport is definitely not the same as security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Be prepared to conform to the rules of the airport for a smooth and hassle free experience.  

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You can't always get a refund 

If you had a really good reason to cancel your ticket to England for the Rugby World Cup Final, for example, you should ALWAYS try your luck. But remember the airlines have their businesses to uphold, too. 

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Size and weight restrictions are not for checked-in bags only

If you are carrying three laptops, 2 cellphones and a wet suit in your hand luggage, you might not be allowed to store it in the overhead. If the cabin crew stores your bag elsewhere, grab your valuables and keep them safe first. 

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There isn't always space for your carry on the flight 

Especially if you are travelling with a group of musicians - there might not be space for your carry-on. Have you ever tried to find overhead space for your suitcase on a plane with 20 violinists, 10 viola players and 10 cellos buckled into seats? It will not happen. Be prepared to put you bag under your seat or at your feet sometimes.