WATCH: Why a sightseeing-flip in a helicopter is worth your time and money

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Short on time? See all the sights at once in a short helicopter ride.

You can catch a ride on these air taxis in most cities across SA, and each has their own special sights that look even more spectacular from the sky.

You can glide over winelands, try and spot a whale on the coast or even see the top of mountains without getting your hiking shoes dirty. Some fly over and to game reserves, cutting your travel time in half as well as giving you a chance to see wildlife invisible from the roads.

Just double check the weather as this has a big impact on the places you can fly to.

According to Santam Insurance though, its important to make sure you're covered, either by the company you're flying with, like CivAir, or with your travel insurance, as some may exclude trips on helicopters. Most commercial airlines however have passenger insurance for the worst case scenarios.