WATCH: Take a hike along Canada's North Head Trail

2018-09-13 18:00 - Saara Mowlana
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North Head Trail, Newfoundland, Eastern Canada

Join World Nomads' Will McCloy as he travels to the wilderness of Canada, straps on his boots, and discovers the stunning hiking trails the country is famous for.

Nestled in Newfoundland, Eastern Canada, the North Head Trail is inundated with spectacular vistas that are duly appreciated when the fog clears up intermittently fuelling motivation for you as your trudge on. 

Take a break from the bustle of city life and reawaken your sense of exploration and wonder while meandering along the scenic route that truly transports you to a nearly otherworldly realm.  

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McCloy shared his top three safety tips for hiking that you might want to heed:

  • Buy the right shoes.
  • Go with a guide or someone who knows the local terrain - not only will you get out of it, you'll also not get lost.
  • Prepare for all conditions and get the right gear: waterproof gear, good shoes, sunscreen etc. You never know what the elements are going to throw at you, so it's best to be prepared.

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He also shared some unexpected benefits of hiking:

  • Certainly getting rid of any jet lag!
  • It tricks you into doing exercise that you'd usually not want to do.
  • You also meet a lot of people on the trail as well - sparking new friendships and connections in the process. It helps to get you involved and acquainted with the locals as well.

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