WATCH | Scottish treasures: The art of making whiskey and bag pipes

2019-11-01 14:00
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A tour through the United Kingdom might sound like a lot to handle so photographer and actor Alan Fletcher narrows it down and takes you on a trip through Scotland. 

The online travel series Photo Number 6 combines the adventure of travel with the joy of photography. As Alan, your host Fletcher explores the world looking for that elusive photographic image that totally encapsulates the emotion, geography and human connections he makes. 

It's easy to default to the traditions of men wearing skirts or otherwise kilts, but in another one of his travel-centric episodes, Alan brings to light the hidden gems of Scotland.

The team also visits the Liverpool Memorial at Anfield Stadium, where he pays his respects to the fans that lost their lives during a tragic stampede.

Scotland's history is worth looking into and Alan makes it so easy with this compilation of his travel highlights.

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