WATCH: How Ireland literally ships pubs around the world

2018-12-31 19:00
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Though it wouldn't make sense for a traveller, it is entirely possible to experience Ireland without ever setting foot in the country. Just head on to your nearest authentic Irish pub and enjoy a pint. Chances are that the pub may be a 'pre-fab'.

The Irish are building pre-fabricated 'Irish pubs' and shipping them all over the world.

From Dubai to North America and even Nigeria, over 1000 pubs have been shipped and installed since 1991 all made entirely by the Irish using materials from Ireland. Like the thousands elsewhere, these pubs designed and prefabricated in Ireland are an export not cultural or theoretical, but actual.

The process has been ongoing for many years and that has resulted in what could arguably be defined as a global network of establishments that are interrelated but unrelated. 

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Typical Irish pub items like old mugs, bricks old art, hanging Victorian lamps, weathered wooden floorboards, antique Guinness sign on the wall, photographs of Ireland and yellowing posters in frames are added for authenticity. The process can cost $1 - 4 million (R14,22 - R56,89 million at $1/R14,22) and takes 3 to 9 months to complete. They're then shipped off all over the world. 

Unfortunately, bringing Irish pubs to the world is taking away from Ireland's own, more authentic, establishments. For over two decades, Ireland's pubs have been ransacked for authentic Irish items and in time, they may one day run out of antiques.

So if you want a genuinely pure experience, head on over to Ireland because the real deal pubs might be gone before you know it.

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