WATCH: Have R23k to spare? Try this 20 course multi-sensory dining experience in Ibiza, Spain

2018-11-08 20:00
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The show begins. Twenty courses and the price tag is €1500 (R23951,25 at €1/R15,97) per person. Each course has a new setting. On the Spanish island of Ibiza, what is probably the world's most expensive restaurant offers a dining extravaganza. 

Guests enjoy the first culinary offering at the door - the entry ticket tastes like chocolate and lime. Sublimotion seats a maximum of 12 people. They experience surprise after surprise in rapid succession.

Six cameras observe the guests. The room is changed by computer with lighting effects, smells, wind and smoke. Hidden behind glass, the team controls the show. 

The show begins with caviar, oysters and champagne (of course). Instead of your regular salad, a full-blown 'vegetable garden' of sorts is presented. The 'soil' in the vegetable garden is edible, a mixture of chopped black olives and bread.

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The culinary artists expect the 20 courses to take a total of 3 hours. Clearly, the concept is successful as the restaurant is fully booked months in advance.  

Seafood dishes are served up in an underwater world. It's an expensive treat with the food being served in conch. An aromatic broth is injected over snails and mussels steamed lightly in their own juices. 

Technical innovations are an important part of the concepts seen at Sublimotion. Virtual reality (VR) glasses are used to simulate flight with the attempt to answer whether a flight experience can alter the food experience. In Ibiza, a renowned entertainment hub, it is fitting that this restaurant embraces the idea of the show being 50% of the experience with the food being the other 50%.


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On a simulated trip on the Orient Express, the table even vibrates. A mushroom dish is even thematically staged too lending a psychedelic feel to the experience. 

Known the world over as a party island, Ibiza provides inspiration for the shows put on by the proprietors of the restaurant. There is a setting recalling Ibiza in the 1960's and a dessert that is served on a revolving record on a turntable. 

Experiential dining is a playground for cooks and guests alike. Here, a chef composes his culinary creations like a painter. The food is coloured and textured before the diner's eyes and all their senses are involved. 

So next time you're in Ibiza and looking to have a sensory experience that will also satiate your hunger - check out Sublimotion.

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