WATCH: German taxiway built over a highway + 13 scariest airport landings in the world

2018-02-09 18:00 - Kavitha Pillay
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Leipzig runway over highway. (Photo: Twitter)

Cape Town - When it comes to aviation we've seen some of the most outrageous in-flight acts, awkward and abusive moments, spine-chilling disasters and miracles that prevented some of the biggest accidents.

From shameless passengers romping on flights and committing all sorts of disturbing crimes, to massive destruction being averted and many in-flight brawls - including a first-class passenger being hit on the head with a wine bottle by a flight attendant.

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Apart from all of these crazy (and some unlawful) incidents, flying - even on a smooth flight - can be quite a horrifying experience for some people.

And while flying may be stressful for many, there are scary airport taxiways that will send shivers down the spines of people outside the aircraft too.

Take for instance this airport taxiway in Leipzig, Germany, that crosses over the A14 autobahn – a highway that runs right through the middle of Leipzig Airport.

According to The Telegraph, planes of all sizes that are scheduled to depart or land on the airport’s Runway North must cross a bridge that goes over the busy motorway. Check it out:

If there’s one thing we’re marvelling at more than the state-of-the-art aircrafts that use the taxiway, including a few Airbus A380s, it’s that massively strong bridge which the airplanes have to cross.

And while foreigners may take some time getting used to the spectacle, locals are accustomed to having jumbo-sized aircrafts cross their paths on the highway.

So why was the taxiway built over a highway? According to The Telegraph, it is built as such to allow more space for planes, carrying cargo or passengers, to use the full 3.6km of the runway.

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But if you think this taxiway is scary, then don't visit the one at Gibraltar International Airport. A frightening spot for those in the air and on the ground, it is squeezed in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Algeciras, is less than 2km long, and there's a highway that intersects it!

Take a look at more of the world’s scariest airport landings:


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