WATCH: Festivities leaving you underwhelmed? This Santa Claus school is just the antidote

2017-12-23 10:30 - Gabi ZIetsman
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Cape Town - Ever wondered where all those mall Santas come from?

Well in the US, there's a special school that teaches old grey-bearded men how to do their ho-ho-hos and what treats to give to their reindeer. This is the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School, the longest running Santa school in the world.

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Since its inception in 1937, the school has taught thousands of Santas how to fully embrace the Christmas spirit while cultivating a proper image of the Big Red Man. Viewed as the 'Harvard of Santa Schools', it's helped shape the worldview of the jolly man for decades, bringing joy to kids all over (though the South African Santa has more of a flip-flops-and-shorts vibe).

In a National Geographic video, the dean of the school Tom Valent explains why the school is important.

"Learning the Santa spirit and going through the process we do, makes you understand that there really is a Santa Claus. That there is a Santa Claus spirit, and that spirit is in all 200 of these students that are here today."

There's quite a long waiting list, with registration done a year in advance and has even prompted them to open up a second school due to the demand.

Although it seems there are no Santas of colour, the school also offers Mrs Claus training for women, which make up about 25% of students.

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Just a look at their Facebook page will just fill you up to the brim with Christmas spirit.

They even get to go on a Polar Express ride, just like in the movie!

This just proves that you're cousin was lying when they told you Santa wasn't real.

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