WATCH: Cape Town photographer's journey from SA to Tanzania

2017-05-01 08:30 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - A good public transport system is crucial to the livability of any city - keeping in mind that more than a million journeys are made on trains, taxis and buses across SA's major cities every weekday alone.

Imagine using various means of public transportation, travelling across part of the African continent, hopping on and off from train to taxi and back and forth - must be exhausting, right?

Well, not so much for documentary photographer, Yasser Booley, who describes the journey as an "exciting notion".

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Booley first took this kind of journey in 2001 travelling to Mozambique and says he realised then that there was a world that people didn't know about between southern African countries, which prompted him to document his second visit, unfolding African public transport as well as human stories through visual images.

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Also, encouraging a human-centric approach to engineering solutions for African infrastructure.