WATCH: 7 Life lessons learned through travel and why you should be planning your next trip already

2018-09-04 21:00
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Jay Shetty's viral wisdom can often leave you teary as his videos pang into your everyday reality or leave you smiling at the endless possibility of lifeif you choose to see it. 

In his latest video, rippling across social feeds the former business student, turned monk, turned storyteller shares why travel is something we should stop putting off and just do more of.  

As if you needed convincing - 7 life lessons learned through travel

1. Travel makes you a better learner

Shetty says the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that kids who study abroad are more humble than those who didn't travel. Moms and dads, you'll be doing your offspring a favour for sure. 

2. Travel makes you sharper

"Being in the outdoors refreshes your senses in a way that no office air ever could." Because we all live for the next aircon temperature wrangling, right. But even more inspiring, is that researchers have found that people who simply looked at a photo of nature for only 40 second had improved focus and performance on their next task.

3. Travel increases your faith in humanity

Shetty says Maddox research found that the more foreign countries people travelled to, the more their sense of generalized trust increases.  

If you've been creeped out by everything and everyone, may be time to travel more. 

"Seeing all of the good that exists in the world makes it easier to trust people and that most people for the most part are just trying to do the right thing," says Shetty.

Travel makes you smarter, more creative and patien(Photo: iStock)

4. Travel makes you more creative

Academy of Management Journal research also shows that people who work overseas tend to be more imaginative and inspired - than those who stayed in their home countries.

Integrating a new culture into your identity strengthens your "cognitive flexibility", says Shetty and essentially expanding your creativity in the long run. 

5. Travelling gives you a wider perspective

It's time to take a bird's eye view. Travel gives you a chance to "look at your life from a distance, both physically and metaphorically" - giving you a clearer sense of perspective. 

Travel makes you smarter, more creative and patien(Photo: iStock) 

6. Travelling makes us happier 

A new study from the Psychological Science found that anticipating an experience before it even happens makes you happier than if you were waiting for material things like a smartphone. Cliche but true, buy memories not things - they tend to last longer. 

7. Travelling makes you more patience

Resilience learned through hardship - spoken like a former monk - and probably won't make you all that happy when your flight's delayed. But in dealing with these mishaps and different cultures, we ultimately become much more patient. Fingers crossed.

And finally, travel can leave you speechless and then it turns you into a storyteller.