This is the only place in the world where you can do a solo-walking safari

2019-05-08 16:30 - Marisa Crous
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Technically, walking solo into the Kruger bush is possible.

Of course, it's not necessarily advised because of safety risks associated with wild animals. But many people have chosen to go into the wild completely alone, i.e. no official trail and no guide. Just you and unspoiled, wild nature.  

However, there is only one place in the world where solo-walking safaris are actually granted a permit. Deeming it officially 'allowed'. That is in Mana Pools National Park. 

I met Aaron Chingombe at the recent Travel Indaba 2019 held in Durban. Working for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority as the Tourism and Quality Assurance Manager, he shared his solo-walking adventures with me. 

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Mana Pools, he says, is ideal for solo-walking because of its great visibility. Mana Pools National Park is an iconic park at the northern end of Zimbabwe - about 400km from Harare. Situated on the Zambezi River, the park is known for its wildlife visibility beside the river and in the flood plains. It has camp sites and other facilities ranging in budget and there are even private airstrips, so you can land there by private plane. 

At first, one would consider a solo-walk in the bush, densely inhabited by wild animals, to be rather intimidating. But not for Aaron.

And I'm sure if he enjoys it, many more will find the prospect of this kind of unshackled adventure alluring. 

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Wildlife on the Zambezi river floodplain

(Mana Pools National Park. PHOTO: iStock)

Wildlife on the Zambezi river floodplain

(Mana Pools National Park camping. PHOTO: iStock)

"It's one area where you can actually feel and touch the wild. Experience nature as is as it's the only park in Africa and the world which has big game like elephants, where you can walk solo. Yes, you pay for a permit, and you take a walk from your tent and straight into the bush." 

Brave, adventurous and keen to be as close to wild nature as possible? Then this is for you.

Here are some comments made on TripAdvisor, in case you want to follow the experiences and advice of others who have done it. 

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