The Ultimate Peddle Board: SUP gets a new look with new summer essential

2017-07-11 16:30 - Ishani Chetty
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With this year's winter bringing on the chill we can only day-dream about the summer days ahead of us and the vacation spirit all along South Africa's coastline during the December holidays. 

To get over the chills we've found the 'must-have' item for summer and the perfect toy for those who love the water and water sport activities.

The 'Mirage Escape'

The new 'peddle board' has been created by Hobie - a company focused on outdoor and water sports activities. It is a new form of SUP - Stand up Paddle boards and has revolutionised the activity as the world's first stand-up peddle board.

Described as a fully stable mechanism that allows for those of us who are 'less' balanced to enjoy the waters as you would on a paddle board. Also great that it provides a fitness option outside of the gym of the gym too.

Hobie says the 'Peddle board' is highly portable as the handle is detachable and is the perfect size to transport on your car.

There are additional accessories you can purchase for the board - a cup holder and a universal phone mount to make sure you capture every moment of bliss out on the water. #Doitforthegram

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We cannot wait for summer to head out on these amazing 'Peddle Boards'. 

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Wanting to buy one for this up - coming summer? Be prepared to fork out anything from R36 000 upwards, including shipping. Can somebody open up a rental on these already!?  

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