Safety First: Top 10 safest holiday destinations

2017-06-13 09:30 - Ishani Chetty
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Increased violence, terrorism and political unrest - this can scare even the most adventurous traveller off. The recent attacks across the globe - calls for awareness of safety when travelling, more specifically to where you are travelling. 

All of this can make planning a holiday a very daunting task. There are many factors to consider when traveling; the political stability, disease outbreaks, economic stability and social norms. The increasing outbreak of viruses coupled with globalization increases the risks considerably.  

To make the best of your travels - consider all the factors.

And while there may be many sectors to consider, you can still satisfy the travel bug within you, as the Global Peace Index has released the new 2017 index of most peaceful countries.

Now you can weigh all the risks and analyse where to go next. 


The GPI states that there has been a large amount of peace deterioration in the world - only a fraction of countries have a slight increase in peacefulness. This is due to the increasing violence and political rife in parts of  Africa and the Middle East. The least peaceful countries have remained in the same position since 2016 - Syria remaining least peaceful. 

South Africa is ranked at 123 out of 163 countries in the 2017 GPI - showing a small 3% decrease in violence since 2016.

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In order to plan ahead, check out the Top 10 safest holiday destinations for 2017: 

The top 10 safest holiday destinations

1. Iceland

Ranking as the safest and most peaceful destination for 7 consecutive years. 

2. New Zealand

3. Portugal

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4. Austria 

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5. Denmark

6. Czech Republic 

7. Slovenia 

8. Canada

9. Switzerland

Another day, another lake… #LakeWalen (#Walensee) in eastern Switzerland links the two cantons of @sgbtourism and #Glarus and forms the western end of the holiday region known as “#Heidiland” (after Johanna Spyri’s world-famous Heidi story). On the northern side, you’ll find the #Churfirsten mountain chain rising nearly vertically out of the water while on the other side you’ll find the popular winter sports and hiking region of the #Flumserberg. Around Lake Walen you’ll also find a number of little places with special features. An example is #Quinten, a popular car-free little town with an almost Mediterranean climate, that can only be reached by boat or on foot. Well protected from the cold north winds, you'll enjoy here certain types of grape, kiwi, figs and other southern fruits. To the west of Quinten is the little village of #Betlis. When the snow is melting, or after a heavy downpour, the mighty #SeerenbachWaterfall, nearly 720 metres high, is really impressive, or the #Rinquelle gushing out of the rocks - one of Europe’s largest limestone springs. Or how about the historic little town of #Weesen at the western end of the lake, which is the starting point for the popular #WalenseeWalk along the wild, northern bank of the lake to #Walenstadt… The possibilities for an excursion are almost endless… Thank you @gabribkk for this beautiful shot! #inlovewithswitzerland #igersuisse #switzerland

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10. Japan and Ireland

These two countries were both placed at 10th place on the GPI for 2017.




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The GPI states that there was an overall improvement in the involvement of other states in external conflicts - this can be directly seen in states lack of involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. This indicates many states are wanting to maintain their internal state of peace as a measure of priority. The level of political terror continues to escalate in Sub - Saharan Africa, Middle East and Africa. 

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