Reindeer burgers and pizzas big enough to smother your child - Tripadvisor's 10 craziest restaurants

2016-02-04 16:26 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - Food glorious food is one very special part of our travels, no one can deny it. 

Some holidays are even dedicated to food alone - like a Mediterranean summer feasting on olives and pasta, a road trip through Thailand indulging in Phat Thai and Tom Yum or a coastal meander in Mozambique enjoying the freshest fish and prawns the Indian Ocean has to offer.

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But for many travellers, they are often confronted by the weirdest and strangest meals too. From the biggest possible portions to the most unusual ingredients there is, here is Tripadvisor's ten most unbelievable dishes in the world that you have to see to believe!

1.Big Pie in the Sky - USA

The pizzas sold here are a whopping 76CM long and perfect for sharing. The restaurant normally hosts carnivore challenges just for fun where guests are challenged to eat as much as they can in one hour - something that normally leaves the meek and mild trembling in their shoes. 

2. Bugs Cafe -  Cambodia

If you are a bug lover, look away! One of the strangest restaurants in the world is this little cafe which specialises in a 'crunch and munch' menu made from creepy crawlies.

Think Timon and Pumba in the Lion King. From roasted scorpions, spring rolls stuffed with ants, soup with bees eggs and marinated tarantulas - this is not for the faint-hearted. 

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3. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub - Pennsylvania 

If you're crazy about full house burgers - Denny's makes monster 0.9 kg burgers with every sort of topping you can imagine. From giant bacon strips to massive fried eggs - the bigger the burger, the better. 

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4. Usuki Fugu Yamadaya - Japan 

This Michelin star Fugu restaurant specialises in all sorts of raw fish and Japanese food. Be prepared to slurp on organs and body parts you may have never seen or heard of before.

5. Monster Ice Cream - San Francisco  

The San Francisco Creamery Company specialises in huge servings everything all piled on top of each other.

Their 'Kitchen Sink' is a gigantic sundae which includes:  three sliced bananas, scoops of your choice of up to 8 flavours of ice creams, 8 servings of toppings, mounds and mounds of whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and cherries. 

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6. Round Rock Donuts - US 

These donuts are so massive that they could easily be worn as a necklace. Covered in delicious icings, it's best you share with your favourite person before you get a tummy ache. 

7. The Wonder Cafe -  England 

This English breakfast spot does breakfast like no other place on earth! Indulging in their big mounds of baked beans, piles of fried eggs and rashers of bacon could very well send you straight to the Doctor. 

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8. Big Texan Steak Ranch -  Texas

If your idea of big steaks only comes from the spur - you have to check out this restaurant's 2kg chunk of meat! Vegetarians we have nothing for you here... 

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9. MAC 24-7 Bar + Restaurant - Hawaii

For this restaurant - breakfast is the most important meal of the day/ They serve enormous flapjacks with all sorts of dirty toppings, ice cream and cheeses. 

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10. Islenski barinn - Iceland 

If you are a fan of Santa or anything Christmas - look away! The Icelandic restaurant takes pride in serving up reindeer burgers, fermented shark dishes and whale delicacies. 

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