REDvolution: A new millennial-centric hotel set to open in Cape Town

2017-07-27 19:00 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - The Silo District is welcoming a new edition to its creative space - the Radisson Red Hotel. This hotel is aiming to set itself apart from other hotels in the world with its distinctive red door and innovative processes.

Developing within the heart of the up-coming art district of Cape Town, the Radisson Red Cape Town has found its ideal location. 

The REDvolution is set to open in September 2017 - which is just around the corner. During the final construction phase Traveller24 was invited to gaze into the 'wonderful world of Red'.

It is the third Radisson Red hotel to be opened, along with the Radisson Red in Brussels and Minneapolis. 

REDvolution in progress

The hotel prides itself on "new methods of integration, relaxation, comfort and a millennial approach". These terms may appear common and straight forward but when The Curator of the hotel, Dale Simpson walked us through the hotel -  we got an in-depth understanding of what these terms mean.


Integration refers to the processes of the hotel - the management of its staff and travellers. The functions of the hotel is to allow guests to complete tasks themselves and feel a part of the hotel rather than 'a visitor'.

This is evident in their self check-in services - where guests can check themselves in via the Red App. Upon arrival to the entrance one will notice there is no concierge desk or reception desk.  The Red App  allows users to enter their rooms utilizing their smartphone device as a key and you are able to order meals through the app.

The use of the app is based on the individual's choice as you are able to check in via the aid of a 'creative'.

Yet still human engagement is important to the brand. 

All staff are known as a 'creative' and do not wear a badge dictating their name. Instead they are encouraged to engage with travellers on the same level - introducing themselves in a conversation.

A creative will facilitate your stay with the use of a tablet. Another element that employs this is the 'selfie- monitor' that shall be installed in the entrance to the restaurant. The 'selfie' monitor allows you to share it on social media platforms.

Friendliness is the main theme for hotel staff or should we say creatives

With the 'solo-traveller' trend on the rise - the Radisson Red creates a space where you do not feel alone even when you are travelling solo.

"It provides stimulation and engagement with its gallery art pieces in the hotel. The idea of 'long tables' will be used to allow people to engage with complete strangers over a hearty meal," says Simpson.

The service delivery processes is creative and personal - over a cup of coffee staff members will assist you with your daily plans and chat to you about what the glorious city of Cape Town has to offer you - keeping in mind 'creatives' are free to move around according to the travellers' needs. 

Local is Lekker

"Always red, always local", a statement of Radisson Red Cape Town's commitment to employing local entities to uplift city business and to work together with the local community.

Local artists have created tea sets that will be placed in each of the rooms, Cape Electric tattoos will be tattooing the beer glasses and the hotel has crafted its own beer.

"We are big supporter of local craft beer and want to gain the public's input", says the Simpson. 

In order to keep up with the demands of millennials - The Radisson Red is prepared to earn the loyalty of  this travelling group by introducing new local products into the hotel. 

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Baxter "woof -woof"

Keep a look out for the hotels new mascot, Baxter the Boston Terrier. The hotel hopes to create a central theme around Baxter as he wags his way around the hotel. They are a pet friendly hotel - meaning you can bring your best furry friend along! 


The hotel is home to game and venue rooms - Ping Pong Plus, a tattoo parlor, silo threads which addresses fashion and vinyl music.

The venue rooms can be used for business and pleasure. The approach to business within these venues are to create a relaxed environment - where the tone of voice is conversational and allows for a space of creativity. If you are wanting an office meeting with a difference then they are able to meet your every professional need since the venue rooms allow customization and create a space for brainstorming. 

"The focus is to move away from traditional methods of interacting - to create a free space for all individuals," says Simpson.


The amenities that are available for use are available to the public and travellers - this is inclusive of the roof top bar and splash pool. Located on the 9th floor - the roof top has spectacular views of Table Mountain  and will host a roof top bar, splash pool and private gym. 07:00am Yoga will be held on the roof in order to start your day off - balanced. 

If you arrive earlier than check in time - there are unisex facilities on the roof, inclusive of a shower which you can use. The aim is to provide you with the sense that you are 'at home' and within a 'community'.

An unreal view of Table Mountain - from the Radisson Red Hotel roof. 

There are three room types - family style room, the standard studio and studio balcony. All the rooms are equipped with  state-of-the-art facilities. The BYD (bring your own device) policy is allowed as one can connect your device to the TVs. There are motion and heat sensors in the air conditioners in the rooms.

There are also rooms which are disabled-friendly.

The rooms allow you to feel at home with large window panes increasing that feeling of space. 

There are 6 floors to the hotel  and each level is painted a different color - to bring about the theme of the 'rainbow- nation'. Hashtag blessed.

Millennial Innovation 

The Radisson Red hotel caters to the millennial and provides the space for all to enjoy it, says Simpson, " The style of this hotel is unique to South Africa." 

'Unique and green'

You will also be able to hire motorbikes or skateboards from the hotel - reducing the carbon footprint on earth.

Every Friday - 'call of the lion' will take place. A folk horn will be blown to signal that Friday-feel as creatives dressed with kilts with carry a spitfire with meat that will be passed around to guests.

"There will be spontaneous live performances that will take place at the hotel - a DJ will hit the decks on the weekend in order to get you into the weekend festivities. Events and shows will be fluid and non-constrictive as artists are able to move around and engage with the public," says Simpson.

Come September, you'll have something fun and new to do with your friends.  

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