PICS: What city skylines look like if they floated in their signature cocktails

2018-04-23 15:35 - Saara Mowlana
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amarula glass with cape town skyline

The Cape Town skyline inside a glass of the signature Amarula drink. (Image: Budget Direct)

Wherever you travel you are bound to stumble across a locally renowned drink or cocktail. One that encapsulates the town with its own signature style, texture and flavour.

From the Singapore Sling to the New Yorker Manhattan - these 9 drinks are the icons of these cities. 

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See what the city skylines look like when placed in the glasses of their signature drinks below:

Cape Town, South Africa - Amarula

Kicking off the list in true local is lekker spirit, is the popular brand of Amarula. In fact, it is often referred to as the Spirit of Africa.

The creamy Amarula liqueur comes from the South African marula fruit and fresh dairy cream. The drink keeps a classic and sophisticated look making it the perfect thing to say "cheers" to while admiring the incredible Cape Town vistas. Maybe even while taking in the city lights from atop Table Mountain or Signal Hill.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

Singapore - Singapore Sling

Next up is the aptly named drink: the Singapore Sling, which is a gin-based tonic.

The recipe, first developed in 1915 by a bartender at the Raffles Singapore, has taken the world by storm and is favoured among locals and tourists.

The drink is known to be a light, fruity concoction with cherry brandy or liqueur, Benedictine, club soda, and lime juice. You can sip up some relaxation atop the Marina Bay Sands hotel after a tour of some of the city's most interesting architecture and a stroll in the Gardens by the Bay.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

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Paris, France - Champagne

The classic icon of champagne is the signature buzz of true Paris elegance. The light, bubbly, and expensive drink, while made in the Champagne region, is often associated with Paris.

Perhaps rightly so if you indulged while dining by the River Seine and enjoying the Eiffel Tower's hourly light spectacle.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

New York, United States - Manhattan

This concoction was first conjured up in the early 1870s at the New York City's Manhattan Club. Visit a popular local lounge and take a break with a Manhattan between stops at the not-so-leisurely tourist-dense spots, like: the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, Freedom Tower, and Central Park

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

Mexico City, Mexico - Margarita

The spicy and sensational Mexico is home to the iconic drink of the Margarita. This sweet drink hits the spot for those who can't brave the Mexican wave of downing tequila sans salt and lime.

Cool down after a hot day of sightseeing around the capital city, where you can visit: the modern Museo Soumaya, Catedral Metropolitana and revolution and independence monuments.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

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Barcelona, Spain - Sangria

The Sangria is a relatively recent creation. It's blend of various fruits and either red or white wine is perfect for relaxing in this sunny Spanish city.

Take in the incredible Barcelona architecture and enjoy views of Sagrada Familia, the Arc de Triomf and National Palace to the ultra-sleek Torre Agbar, before sharing a drink with your travel companions along Las Ramblas.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Caipirinha

The national Brazilian sweet-tasting cocktail masks its alcoholic potency.

Round up your day of sightseeing - whether you're touring Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, taking in a football game at Maracana Stadium or getting cultured at the Contemporary Art Museum - with a chilled glass of Caipirinha that's never far away.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

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London, United Kingdom - Pimm's No. 1 Cup

Pimm's is a gin-based liqueur and is often devoured by the pitcher at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It features a secret, age-old recipe and has a light, fruity aroma and flavour that bringing you tropic vibes on a warm summer evening.

You can be sure to grab a drink after a tiring but exciting walk from Buckingham Palace to the Thames - where you’ll find the Tower Bridge, London Eye and Parliament Buildings.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

Sydney, Australia - Spirit of Sydney

While Australia's spirit may not be on the best of terms with SA right now, their signature drink is still greatly known. This modern mixture is high energy when served in a glass.

The Spirit of Sydney is a pear, honey and orange cocktail and is said to be driven by a generous helping of Vantage spirit. The fruity taste is best served after a walk to see the well known Opera House and cross the Harbour Bridge.

city skyline in cocktail
Image by: Budget Direct

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