PICS: The real UP hot air balloon will make you believe in magic

2016-03-19 16:00 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - If you cried watching the animation "UP", you best brace for more tears... and a new bucketlist adventure to take on.  

Our favourite animated adventure-spirited couple and their enormous hot air balloon is real!

In true Carl and Ellie spirit, hot air balloon pilot Simon Askey told BuzzFeed they have plans to travel the world with this balloon. Japan is first on their list of destinations, and Askey says he might even take the balloon to Angel Falls too - the actual place which inspired the "UP" Paradise Falls. 

Officially known as Cameron TR-84, the balloon has 600 tiny balloons sewn into its outer skin. The main balloon is 2 380 cubic metres in size, which is considered small compared to standard balloons.

If you're the ultimate "UP" fan, you can always catch it in Canberra, Capital of Australia, between 12 and 20 March this year, before it takes off on its next adventure.

Check it out: 

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