PICS: Northern Lights hunters spot strangest blue lights over the Arctic

2019-04-09 15:00
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Northern Lights hunters were stunned to spot strange blue lights appear in the Arctic skies above Lapland, captured by the Northern Lights photography experts at Lights Over Lapland.

The incident which took place this weekend showed blue lights appearing in two clear spots in the sky, causing stargazers and Northern Lights enthusiasts to be puzzled by the unusual sight.

Founder of Lights Over Lapland, Chad Blakley says, “I first spotted the lights on our Aurora Web Cam, which continually captures the night sky above Abisko in Sweden, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“It was completely out of this world!” 

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Northern Lights hunters were stunned this weekend

(Photo: LightsOverLapland)Northern Lights hunters were stunned this weekend (Photo: LightsOverLaplandNorthern Lights hunters were stunned this weekend (Photo: LightsOverLapland)  Northern Lights hunters were stunned this weekend (Photo: LightsOverLapland)   

Since the sighting, social media has been awash with speculation, however the phenomenon has since been attributed to a scientific experiment from the Andøya Space Center in Norway which launched two rockets that released metallic powder into atmosphere inside the Northern Lights.

NASA Sounding Rockets Program Office and ASC launched two sounding rockets in the AZURE project tonight at 2214 UTC. The two vehicles were launched two minutes apart, reaching 320 km altitude while releasing a visible gas to investigate conditions inside the aurora borealis. 

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 “Although every experience with the Northern Lights is different – this one was a complete mystery and surprise even for me,” adds Lights Over Lapland founder Chad Blakley who has been photographing the Northern Lights for the last 10 years.

“It just goes to show that there is always something new to experience on a Northern Lights holiday.”

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