PICS: Man brings a turkey on flight for emotional support

2016-01-15 09:25 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - Have you ever been so nervous to do something that the only thing that would soothe your near hysteria was another person?

According to psychological studies, people feel more comfortable and soothed when accompanied by their animals resulting in the phenomenon known as emotional support animals.

So while the world understands why dogs are sought after - they seem to have been a bit unprepared for when one turkey became an 'aid companion' on a Delta flight this week. 

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Pictures of the turkey were captured and posted on Imgur by biggestlittlepickle. Passengers seemed amazed that a turkey could be a 'source of comfort', reports Yahoo Travel

Pictures of the turkey sitting in its seat and also riding a wheelchair through the airport caused a lot of wide-eyed commotion. Comments on the matter included things like...

“Did he gobble up the in-flight meal?,” heyguysimtom joked. 

The new “Turkish airlines…”

“For me that would be the opposite of a therapy pet,” wrote menamena. “Look at it’s beady eyes, you can’t trust it.”

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As bizarre as it may seem, as long as you have the right paperwork, all major US airlines allow travellers to bring their emotional support animals on the plane if they are required for travelling explains Yahoo. 

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