PICS: Airstream's taken its classic Basecamp trailer and revamped it into an X version

2019-03-12 16:30
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For the lovers of this legendary trailer brand, its all about living your best life. Seen as an American icon, they are quite literally passed down from generation to generation (and with a price tag of $38K, we’re not surprised).

But they sure do make living a life of adventure as easy as hitting the road.

Crafted by hand in Jackson Center in Ohio in the USA, from the walls to the furniture, each trailer smacks of this long-standing tradition.  

And the recent addition does this quite effortlessly. Airstream have recently revamped their Basecamp into this nifty, lets-get-dirty Basecamp X trailer, for the next generation. 

Where do we begin to explain what we love about it?

The upgraded Basecamp X retains all of the aspects of the original – such as riveted aluminium superstructure however with a smart-looking panoramic window in the front. 

It’s still small enough to make for that quick-break at just over 5-metres in length and just over 1000kgs in weight. There is also a skylight and together with a large cargo hatch that resembles stowage on board a boat rather than a trailer - it maximises the look and feel of the smallish interior to the max.

Timelessly modern, easy-to-tow and offering all the latest luxuries and modern convenience, this is so much more than RV. Take a look.

Airstream has revamped it Basecamp X
Airstream has revamped it Basecamp X
Airstream has revamped it Basecamp X

Doubt you’ll be able to get your hands on one? You can still experience the an Airstream trailer stay locally. Head to the Old Mac Daddy in Elgin or the top of the Grand Daddy Hotel's rooftop trailer park in Cape Town city centre. 


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