PICS: A grim look at city skylines made-up of garbage

2018-11-05 12:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Close up hand throwing empty plastic bottle into t

What would city skylines look like if they were made up of garbage? (Photo: iStock)

Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite cities would look like if buildings and iconic monuments were replaced by waste and little that flap in the breeze? Well, look no further!

The world has an undeniable waste and recycling issue and more often than not you're likely to always have a piece of garbage in your immediate vicinity than another person (maybe also a pigeon nearby too). 

With the long-awaited global war on the wretched plastic straw - we are still quite far away from being a species that is waste free and in full harmony with the natural environment and fellow critters.

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Berkeley Build has taken the liberty of visualising this rife issue in revamped versions of three iconic city skylines.

See the haunting graphics below:


With the high rate of waste in this beloved city - London Bridge might just indeed fall down. We see the London Eye and other popular tourist sites envisioned in a different and more grim light. 

It has been found that local authorities collect 3.7 million tonnes of waste from the English capital city each year, with the average household producing almost a tonne of garbage alone per year!

It was also found, in a report from April 2017, that London churns out more plastic bottled water than elsewhere in the UK - however, they also have the worst track record for recycling.

Stats have also revealed that the UK is responsible for 7 million tonnes of food waste each year and London chucks out a whopping 890 000 tonnes, of which 540 000 tonnes could be unnecessary. 

garbage city london

(Photo: Berkeleybuild / Supplied)

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Visit the statue of Starbucks and Empire State Needle on your next trashy visit to the decaying Apple in this glum vision of the garbage city. A bustling city like New York produces about a staggering heap of 12 000 tons of garbage every day. 

A 2015 report revealed that New York produced 33 million tonnes of garbage each year - which was more than double of Tokyo, which ranked in second place.

The Big Apple was also found to be the worst city for garbage disposal and that only a 1/3 of this rubbish saw the green light of a recycled life. 

garbage city new york

(Photo: Berkeleybuild / Supplied)

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Trade in the city of love for this alternative universe option - the city of trash, where you can be sure to snap pics of  the iconic Bottle Tower. 

It was suggested, in a 2015 report, that less than a quarter of French households recycled as they should - which set them behind a lot of their European neighbours. 

And, while France have since taken movements to counter this issue, they still have a baguette-long way to go to solve the nation's burgeoning waste problem. 

garbage city paris

(Photo: Berkeleybuild / Supplied)

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