PIC: Elon Musk shares what the future space suit will look like

2017-08-24 10:35 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - Elon Musk has made strides within the space industry, with the aim of increasing affordability and a focus on renewable energy usage.

Through SpaceX he has played a pivotal role in the technological developments required to make space travel a tangible reality. 

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SpaceX  as a company develops and launches advanced rockets and spacecrafts, forming part of the corner stone of Musk's legacy and life's work. The increased developments in rocket engineering have resulted in Musk's ambition to travel to Mars by 2023. 

A Unique Space Suit

As a result Musk revealed the official SpaceX space suits on Instagram this week and they are nothing like competing Space corporations such as NASA. There is little resemblance to the generally bulky-looking space suit and is considered rather unique in its design. While not quite Star Trek, the suit is form fitting and appears to allow for more flexibility and comfort. 

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Musk did not reveal details on the suit in his post but promised that there is "more to come in the days to follow" - we can only look forward to the end goal. He plans to set missions to and from the International space station allowing for more frequent space travel.  

Comfort, style and practicality

Musk relayed that the space suit is functional and tested to withstand pressure loss while travelling through space - as the suit has been already tested to withstand certain conditions and be effective in space travel. 

In the post he states, "worth noting that this actually works". Onward and upward. 

Now check out the Dragon Capsule launching off for another supply mission to the International Space station. 

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