Mapped: A night out in 31 countries, can you guess what time SA eats dinner?

2017-06-14 19:00 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - Although we may be from all walks of life, as people we have one thing in common - we love to eat and drink.

At some point, we even pair our foods with specific drinks just to make the perfect combination.

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And quite frankly, we also believe that we wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for having a meal a day.

But where do the differences in how much we eat, what time we eat, and what we use to eat lie?

Well, apart from pointing out the obvious that we don't eat at the same time, as some countries eat their dinner between 18:00-21:00.

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However, according to an infographic put together by online giant booking, Expedia, Saudi Arabia likes to eat their dinner as late as 23:00.

And while alcohol plays a large part in many places, Russia comes as no surprise that it has a high rate of alcohol consumption, with spirits being their particular tipple of choice.

Expedia says when it comes to what utensils we use to eat our food, most countries use the ever-popular fork, knife and spoon.

"People like to use knives and forks, chopsticks and even their hands. South Korea however, favours metal chopsticks," says Expedia.

As a result, the infographic shows that in South Africa, we love our beer and eat our dinner at 21:00 with a fork and knife - check out the full details of the Expedia infographic below to see what we’re talking about.

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