Map: A complete Wild Coast foodie experience

2016-10-15 12:30 - Ra-ees Moerat
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Cape Town - What's a holiday on the Wild Coast without food... right? As much as you'd like to enjoy the adventures and the scenery of the breath-taking destinations, there's no harm in eating your way through it... literally!

Whenever we venture into unfamiliar destinations we have this tendency of asking locals on the street, 'excuse me, where would the best place to eat be?' or 'where can I find the best pizza in town?'. Well, to make your trip to the Wild Coast a tad bit easier, we've come up with some of the most iconic foodie venues that you absolutely have to visit.

Here's a list of some really cool venues to chow at on the Wild Coast: 

Jesters Coffee Shop

Jesters Coffee shop is located on Port St Johns main street and can be described as the town’s little oasis. The garden at the coffee shop is made up with garden gnomes, really cool recycled material and a random vintage parking meter. Here you can enjoy light meals, great coffee, homemade pies and locally grown Magwa Tea that’s been harvested at the tea plantations in Mbotyi. Click here for more details.

The Morgan Bay Hotel Restaurant

The Morgan Bay Hotel Restaurant is known for producing quality food. The culinary skills applied by the professional chefs truly showcases in the food this spot has become known for. 

What’s cool is that they are happy to amend meals to fit your dietary requirements… oh, and did we mention a five-course dinner on offer every evening? Click here for restaurant details. 


MoonShadow Restaurant

Located at the Umzimvubu Retreat, the MoonShadow Restaurant assures you of getting a fine ‘A la Carte dining’ experience. 

Their menu offers "modern cuisine in a French fashion". Moreover, Thai dishes, traditional homemade food, as well as a blend of European and Asian dishes are served.

Before dinner, you may enjoy the veranda setting, overlooking the sub-tropical garden… must be nice! Click here for additional details.

Jahdrums Café 

Ok, this is a bit odd, but amazing at the same time! At Jahdrums in the oh-so-lovely Coffee Bay, is a drum factory where you get to make your very own drum and also, get a drum-playing lesson.

But listen, we’re here to talk about food… at Jahdrums, there’s a wonderful café too with an ever-changing menu of yummy meals like, curries, braai, potato salad, fresh baked bread and pasta salads. Find more details here.

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Areena Quays Restaurant

Located on the Wild Coast in Cintsa, it is a relaxed family restaurant based in a charming setting. The restaurant specialty is lunch and early dinner, catering authentic food and all of SA’s favourite dishes! 

The restaurant is located on the ideal spot to watch the sun set as you enjoy your dinner and sip on cocktails. Moreover, you can watch sports on their big screen TV while enjoy an ice cold beer. Get the finer details here.

Country Bumpkin

Comprising of a green lawns, ideal for rolling, a relaxed atmosphere, a child-friendly play area (so the parents can take a chill pill) and fabulous food, the Country Bumpkin has become a sought after food destination for many who visits the Eastern Cape.

The restaurant is inside an old farmhouse, which is surrounded by trees and bushes. 

Their specialty… the wood fire pizza! It is an absolute must! Click here for the restaurant details.

Murambi Rose Café

Murambi rose café is your traditional, food/coffee restaurant. It is located in an absolutely beautiful environment in Sunrise-on-Sea on the Wild Coast. 

The café is said to serve the best coffee on the Wild Coast and the environment is rather tranquil. This is a great first stop if you’re travelling from the Western Cape’s side. Click here for restaurant details.

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OppiePlaas Pub & Restaurant

OppiePlaas Pub & Restaurant is located in the unusual Haga Haga town on the Wild Coast.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of special treats and also gives you the option to compile your own menu. This food venue is said to be the place where guests become lifelong friends.

The restaurant specialises in family dining and even serves as a venue for weddings and other functions. Click here for additional details.

Here is your Wild Coast food route mapped out:

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