MAP: 7 SA foods you can't find overseas

2017-09-13 20:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Despite enjoying exotic cuisine while on holiday, there are some SA comfort foods you won't be able to find in certain countries.

After travelling in a foreign country for a few days or weeks can have you craving for the food of home - the smell of a braai, traditional spices in a bobotie or just a nice juicy koeksister. Sometimes you even just crave the basics like a peanut butter sandwich, a large cheesy pizza or your favourite chocolate.

If you happen to be in some of these countries, however, that craving might go unsatisfied, with certain foods not widely available or even banned. So make sure to stock up your stomach before you leave.

Click on the map to see more about why the food is banned.

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Beef - India

A visit to this South Asian country could mean skipping a few hamburgers.

Samoosa - Somalia

In case you head to this war-torn country on an aid trip, note that your Ouma's samoosas are considered contraband by the extremist Islamic group Al-Shabaab.

Peanut butter - France

The cuisine capital of the world, French people have an aversion to the delicious nutty spread that is peanut butter, especially on a sandwich.

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Cheese - South Korea

Despite the conquest of US chains like Pizza Hut, a decent cheesy pizza is hard to come by in most Asian countries.

Pork - Israel

The hipster staple of pulled pork will have to take a backseat in the Jewish homestead.

Kinder Joy - USA

For a country with some of the unhealthiest foods around (many of which are banned in Europe), it's a shocker for most that the delicious and happy Kinder Joy eggs are banned in the USA. 

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Real tomato sauce - Everywhere

If you love some All Gold with your chips, then you know the struggle when travelling anywhere outside of South Africa. Heinz does not count.

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