#LoveSA: Two SA architectural marvels are ArchDaily 'Building of the Year' finalists

2018-02-06 12:41 - Kavitha Pillay
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(Zeitz MOCAA)

Cape Town - South Africa is known worldwide for its rich and breathtaking natural and cultural heritage. Now Mzansi's pride is extending far beyond its natural landscape, as it positions itself among the best in the world when it comes to man-made marvels too.

Two spectacular structures in South Africa have made the list of finalists for the 2018 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa designed by Heatherwick Studio situated in Cape Town, is a finalist in the category for “Cultural Architecture”, while the exquisite Bosjes Chapel designed by Steyn Studio in Breederiver Valley is competing for the title of best “Religious Architecture”.

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The two architectural marvels join 73 others as finalists for the prestigious awards acknowledging design skill and excellence coupled with creativity, functionality and visual appeal.

The public can vote for their favourite buildings from around the world by clicking here. Voting closes on Wednesday, 7 February at 10:00 EST (read the complete rules) and winners will be announced on 8 February - so get voting soon for SA’s buildings and your other favourites.

The building categories of the awards include Houses, Housing, Hospitality, Educational Architecture, Offices, Interior Architecture, Cultural Architecture, Public Architecture, Religious Architecture, Industrial Architecture, Healthcare Architecture, Commercial Architecture, Small Scale Architecture and Best Applied Products.

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“2018 has been an unprecedented year for ArchDaily’s Building of the Year Awards,” says ArchDaily, emphasizing the values embodied by the awards process.

“As the world’s largest platform for architecture we are acutely aware of our responsibility to the profession, and to the advancement of architecture as a discipline,” it says.

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“Since our mission is directly related to the architecture of the future—in inspiring and educating the global community of architects who will design the urban fabric of the future—the trust placed in us by our readers to reflect architectural trends from regions around the whole world creates challenges that we are eager to rise to,” adds ArchDaily.

According to the site, the democratically-voted awards aims to tear down hierarchies and geographical barriers, allowing the ArchDaily community to push architecture forward.

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