Live differently: Your alternative bucket list for 2019

2019-02-17 14:30
Post a comment 0 has created the Ultimate Alternative Bucket List for 2019, highlighting the unfamiliar and undiscovered hotspots that might not feature on the everyday travellers' itinerary. The study reveals exactly how to explore the world through the eyes of the locals who live there - rather than following and visiting the most popular and packed locations.

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Need inspiration for your 2019 bucket list? Here’s a list of the top ten destinations where you can experience some of the coolest cities the world has to offer:

Seattle, Washington, USA

A modern metropolis, with acres of parkland, Seattle takes number one for versatility. No visit is complete without dining at the vibrant Pike Place Market. With 492 000 Instagram posts about the market, try their famous clam chowder or fresh seafood from the various vendors.

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Portland, Oregon, USA

For lovers of art, local breweries, and coffee, Portland is the place to be. Know as the city’s ‘living room’, Pioneer Courthouse Square is one of the coolest destinations on the list. With live music and food trucks, there’s something to do all year round.

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Brighton and Hove, UK

If you love the sea, eccentricity, and festivals, Brighton may be the destination for you. Take a trip to the not-for-profit, Marlborough Pub & Theatre, for a tasty English roast and a pint, or if it’s sunny you can head to the shore and enjoy some traditional fish and chips - be careful of the seagulls though.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

You can’t have a bucket list unless you’ve ticked one Scandinavian city off the map, and Christiania is the perfect place if you’re looking for something different. With around 166 000 Instagram posts, this Freetown boasts colourful houses and an alternative hippy society.

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Miami, Florida, USA

Visit the Wynwood Yard, one of Miami's coolest neighbourhoods, brimming with galleries, dive bars, and quirky shops. You can also see the local community gathering together to enjoy tasty vegan food and live music.

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Orlando, Florida, USA

Everybody thinks of Disneyworld when you mention Orlando, but there’s so much more to this wonderful city. Lake Eola Park is one of the more scenic places to visit, with farmers markets, beer gardens, and if you’re feeling romantic a trip on a swan boat.

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Lisbon, Portugal

As Portugal’s hipster capital, you’ll walk through cobbled streets, historic centres and visit unique galleries, cocktail bars, and restaurants. Take a trip to Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, to enjoy a hilltop view of a sunset over the city.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

This may not be the first place you think of for a bucket list, but with over 35 000 Instagram posts, Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory and botanical gardens are worth a visit all year round. Helsinki, Finland - There’s plenty of amazing things to see in Finland’s capital, especially Temppeliaukio Church which is built from solid rock. Don’t worry if you’re not religious as anyone can visit this stunning church, with plenty of live shows taking place, so you can enjoy the surreal acoustics of a rockin' church.

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Spokane, Washington, USA

If you love history and natural beauty, Spokane is the perfect addition to your 2019 bucket list. Kendall Yards Night Market is located on the river gorge, with vendors selling the best fresh produce, organic goods and live music for entertainment each week.

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