Interesting international transport inventions and how to ride them!

2017-05-23 19:00 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town -  In the wonderful world of travelling, there's more than one way to get from point A to B.  And no, we're not talking conventional methods like cars, taxis, boats of planes. 

In some of the world's most wonderful places, Uber hasn't actually arrived yet...  So alternative modes of transport is the way to go. 

Have you ever heard of an Amphibus, for example? And would you ever board a songthaew if you had the chance? What about a Habal-Habal, the Philippine ride which seats up to 13 people on a single motorcycle, thanks to the addition of planks on either side! 

A cool new infographic put together by rounds up the many different, cultural forms of transport you can use to help you get around the local towns. 

In South Africa, cultural modes of transport aren't a strange phenomenon. The iconic Durban rickshaw certainly makes the list, and even though taxis are found across the globe - the South African version of a taxi is certainly a breed of its own. 

Take a look at the man different alternative modes of transport in the world - 

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