Infographic: Most expensive countries for Petrol - see where SA ranks

2017-06-15 06:30 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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However, in a world where the price of petrol rises and falls every day, with the latest report being that it has seen a drop of 26 cents a litre, with a 20 cent drop for both diesel and illuminating paraffin following a 30 cent increase in May -see Fin24's full coverage here.

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Just how competitive is SA's fuel price to the rest of the world? 

Well, according to an infographic put together by UK-based tyre manufacturer, Just Tyres if you are looking for the best fuel prices then the Middle East is the place to go.

In the infographic, a comparison is made between all the countries in the world, ranking them based on the price of fuel it costs when you use a car as the main form of transport.

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Per gallon, dominating the top 10 cheapest prices list are 4 oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia with £0.08 (about R 1.36 at R16.15/£), Egypt £1.21 (about R 19.45 at R16.15/£), Iran £1.30 (about R 19.45 at R16.15/£), and Kuwait £1.21 (about R 19.45 at R16.15/£).

While the cheapest in the world is Venezuela with £0.03 (about R 0.48 at R16.15/£) per gallon.

Dominating the top 10 most expensive, the country who pay the most for their petrol is Hong Kong, at a high of £6.68 (about R 107. 78 at R16.15/£) per gallon, followed by Iceland £6.54 (about R 105.52 at R16.15/£) per gallon, Norway £6.47 (about R 104.39 at R16.15/£)per gallon, Netherlands £5.98 (about R 96.49 at R16.15/£)per gallon and Greece with £5.88 (about R 94.87 at R16.15/£) per gallon.

For the full list click here:

With that said, although SA is not that expensive compared the UK and US. according to the data, the price of fuel per gallon in South Africa cost £3.47 (about R 57.60 at R16.15/£) and ranks 93rd overall.

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The UK ranked at the 17th most expensive country for petrol with pricing at £5.32 (about R 85.84 at R16.15/£) a gallon and the US pays almost half that for their fuel with just £2.44 (about R 39.37 at R16.15/£) per gallon, and ranking 30th for cheapest prices in the world, according to the data.

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