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2017-12-28 14:30 - Chanel Cartell & Stevo Dirnberger, How Far From Home
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It’s been a crazy, wild, unforgettable (and slightly unbelievable) journey, travelling full-time for nearly three years. We’ve done some extraordinary things, and we’ve been to places we hadn’t even heard of when we left on our trip in March 2015. But every great journey starts somewhere, and for us, it was our Wanderlist (our own affectionate term for our traveling Bucket List) that turned our “someday” dream into a tangible trip of a lifetime.

Back in early 2014 (when traveling around the world was a mere figment of our ambitious imagination), we decided to write down on a piece of paper, all the wonderful dreamy things we’ve always wanted to do (you know, in case we ended up with enough savings and enough internal guts to actually quit our jobs and buy two one way tickets…spoiler alert: we did). Needless to say, nearly three years have passed, and we have managed to tick off 74 of our 100 Bucket List items.

Now, in case the idea of writing your New Year’s resolutions is clouding your mind, and at the top of your list is “Travel more”, we wanted to give you some ideas of epic Bucket List items we’ve ticked off already (that were as magical as we imagined them to be) so that you have the perfect starting point(s).

Camp under the stars

We kept it quite vague, as we weren’t sure of the perfect spot to do this in, but when we finally made it to the dunes of Paracas in Peru, this seemed like the best spot to tick this item off.


Take a walk in the Namib desert, Namibia

We still can’t believe that we had to travel over 300 000km to discover that one of the world’s most beautiful places, was a drive away from our hometown of Jozi.

See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Timing was everything here, and we literally designed our entire Asian itinerary to ensure that we were in Japan during the Cherry Blossom season (between end March and mid-April).

Go mushing with Huskies

To make this happen, we signed up to do an entire month of volunteer work at the top of Norway at a husky lodge. Still goes down as one of the best months of our lives, although you don’t have to go to such extremes to go mushing - most Arctic resorts these days offer this for their guests. 

Relax in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

It couldn’t have been a more special evening (arriving at 10pm in the middle of Summer to avoid most of the crowds).

Visit the hidden caves in Algarve, Albufeira, Portugal

Reached only by boat, these caves blew our minds and made us fall in love with this Mediterranean country.

See the midnight sun

Experiencing this natural phenomenon at 69 degrees north, was truly a life-changing experience.


Cross the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

One of Europe’s finest cities, filled with gorgeous architecture and culturally-rich in history, (not to mention home to some of the best beer in the world…if not the best), having this bridge to yourself at sunrise was one of our favourite memories from Europe.


Walk along the Inca Trail at Machu Picchu, Peru

A firm favourite on almost everyone’s Bucket List, this citadel at the top of the Sacred Inca Valley is worth all the hype (and should definitely be on your list if it isn’t already). Bonus: no visa required for South Africans.


Photograph the Tre Cime in the Dolomites at sunrise

We love this mountain range so much, we’ve visited it four times already – Steve even chose it as the location for our recent proposal, but with views like that, do you blame him?


Visit Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA

Hidden deep in the American Southwest, our tour inside this slot canyon goes down as one of our most memorable photography sessions to date.

Visit the ice cave in Berchtesgaden, Germany

Only accessible during Summer, the Eiskapelle in southern Germany (and the surrounding lakes and mountains in the region) will turn anyone into a nature lover.

Explore the Banff National Park, Canada

Arguably Canada’s most beautiful National Park, renting a Motorhome and heading into the Canadian wilderness (for crystal blue lakes, sightings of bears, and natural hot springs) was one of our favourites.


Explore the abandoned DC plane wreck in Iceland

The 2.5km walk off the one main road in Iceland (into what looks like middle earth) couldn’t be more worth it, as having a plane wreck like this (all to yourself at midnight) is one of the most eerie and beautiful things you can ever experience.

Explore Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Visiting this giant bamboo forest at sunrise (before the crowds) to experience pure serenity is exactly why Japan is in our top five favourite countries to visit. Ever.

Below are five additional items that we are yet to tick off ourselves, but yes, we hope to experience in 2018 #watchthisspace:

Photograph the Northern Lights in Scandinavia (a photographer’s dream - holding thumbs we get lucky during our upcoming trip to Norway)
Learn a dance in South America (with our wedding coming up, we thought this would be the perfect time)
Take part in sauna bathing in Finland (we’re terrified and giddy at the same time)
See the pink beaches of Budelli, Sardinia, Italy (just look this up on Google and it will all make sense)
Walk along the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia (one of the many things we still need to experience in South America)

If there’s any life-changing experiences you think we’ve missed (and you yourself want to take part in what we’re hoping will be the world’s largest crowd-sourced Bucket List), Click here to add your suggestions

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