Habitual Creatures: Interesting habits and customs from around the world

2018-04-18 16:32 - Saara Mowlana
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A lady scratching her head in confusion.

These habits and customs around the world could have you scratching your head in confusion. (Photo: iStock)

Cape Town - Travelling introduces you to a range of habits and customs that form part of local daily life, but can, at face value to tourists, seem baffling. The Translation Company created this graphic looking at some odd customs and habits that completely confuse tourists from globally.

The world is so culturally diverse and varied that there are oceans worth of habits, practices and customs - many of which are unfamiliar and bizarre to the next. It's easy to assume that our traditions, habits, practices and customs that we hold dear or regard highly should be held, loved and respected the world over. But, that's not necessarily the case.

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We are also a species continually perplexed by the unknown, by the strange - by that which is unfamiliar to our comfort bubbles. Travelling puts you and your comfort bubble into new and foreign territories with strange and unknown-to-you practices and beliefs. 

The way western cultures might celebrate worldwide celebrations like Christmas or the New Year might be vastly different to eastern or subtropic cultural methods of celebration. And what's considered polite in one region might be considered the worst of the worst insults and offences in another.

I mean, take the stereotypically renowned British pastime of tea - it is usually presented in pristine and detailed fragile chinaware with a saucer. But, just aross the English Channel in France, the French habit of drinking tea is from a bowl.

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The infographic below explores the way customs and traditions differ from country to country:

habits and customs around the world

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