Guide to the world's weirdest toilets

2017-09-07 19:00 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - Travelling has the ability to broaden our mindset but when it comes to our toilet habits – they are set in stone… or porcelain.

Regardless of culture, race, gender or religion - we all need to use the loo for number one or number two.  

Although our toilet may seem a mere bathroom utensil when we are home – travelling has the ability to make you miss your ‘golden throne’.

We may take them for granted when we realize we may have to go do number two, hovering over the seat – afraid of a spider bite.

Each country has their own bathroom ‘habits’ and functioning’s that may seem rather strange to tourists.  From butt splashes to ‘squatting’ toilets – the world is filled with different sorts of bathrooms.

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Check out the Top 5 weirdest bathrooms 

1.  Amsterdam

Known for its party limelight – street urinals were introduced to prevent further damage to public property.  Many drunken men would urinate against the wall leaving a foul odor as they stumble out the pub. Talk about a rough night….


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2. Tibet

This may be the toilet of your nightmares – a deep hole dug into the ground. According to the Lonely Planet, it is normal to find poo flung on the walls of bathrooms and Tibetan woman prefer to urinate on the streets. It appears this may be the worst yet…


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3. China

Let it loose for all to see – we are assuming this may be the public bathroom slogan in China. There are no doors and no locks – wave goodbye to privacy as you take a poo next to a complete stranger. According to the Telegraph, in 2015 China implemented partitions in between the floor based toilet due to tourist complaints but still no doors.

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4. Germany

The first ever excrement shelf – that holds your poop in order for you to study and examine it before flushing it down the drain. According to the German way – the shelf is put in place to save water, as an energy and usage conscious society, the shelf prevents wastage of water. It may be odd but it is efficient. The toilets are also self-cleaning. 

5. Indonesia

The custom remains that water is more hygienic compared to toilet paper – in many public bathrooms you will find a hose next to the toilet to splash your buttocks after using the toilet.

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After looking at these strange toilets you may want to enjoy the toilet you have when nature's call comes around.  In this case travelling enables us to appreciate home. 

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