Get Wi-Fi Passwords from airports around the world on an app

2016-10-07 16:54 - Anje Rautenbach
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Cape Town - When it comes to wi-fi the struggle is as real as data costs ransack your wallet. Our three main survival needs are water, food, shelter and for most people, coming in at fourth place, an internet connection.

We ask for wi-fi passwords in restaurants before we ask for a menu, we cut data costs by using this device and that sim card and we know where to go to (ab)use some free wi-fi.

But when it comes to airports – especially if you are in a foreign country with a phone not switched to roaming or no local sim card – you find yourself stuck in a medieval crisis of finger boredom.  But don’t fret or fear because a new app, WiFox, is coming to your communication rescue at an airport near you.

WiFox, an app for Android and iOS, created by Anil Polat, now offers airport-goers an interactive map that reveals free Wi-Fi passwords at airports around the world.

The cost of the app is $2 and it is not badly priced if you consider how much money you’ll save on roaming or data costs.

The designer of WiFox, computer engineer and avid traveller, Anil Polat, has had his fair share of trying to stay connected while travelling. He created an app that released a list of network names and wireless passwords. 

The information on the app is crowdsourced and boasts that it is always up to date; users can upvote network information that works, downvote hotspots in the case of expired or failing passwords and also add passwords to the ever-growing list.

According the app’s description you can:

  • Copy and paste passwords easily into wireless network settings.
  • When users add passwords it will be sent to the developer first for verification and approval.
  • Users can update passwords for airports already added and rate hotspots.
  • The WiFox icons will show users who fresh, reliable and highly rated the airport’s network information is.

When you look at the interactive map it shows that at Cape Town International Airport there is a hotspot “Outside of Alba Easy Lounge; free wifi near gate 11”.

Who would say no to free wi-fi?

Not me. I just downloaded the app for iOS because I am curious and because I’ll be at a few airports in October and November.

They say you get free wi-fi while you wait. Well, when I opened the app, the app closed itself; again and again. And I am still waiting. 

I am waiting for miracles and for wi-fi passwords.

I can only hope that the app will work soon because I really want to know what the password is for “Outside of Alba Easy Lounge; free wifi near gate 11”.

See below: An epic map of Wi-Fi passwords from airports around the world

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