#GapYear: Top10 destinations adventurous travellers are sharing on Instagram

2018-08-01 17:37 - Selene Brophy
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Gap years are no longer confined to those adventurous travellers who are fresh out of school. These days anybody looking for an opportunity to explore the world and make some cash, all while having the time of your life - can opt for a gap year.  

But where to go? From city escapes to dreamy beaches a range of destinations from around the world - there are many destinations to choose from.  

Alpha Travel Insurance, analysed 10 000 hashtags to find out which destinations are the most popular for those travelling the world - specifically zoning in on the top gap year destinations to create an interactive map here

Gap year destination hashtags show New York is mos

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But with Africa sorely missing from the graphic, we wanted to know why?

Despite South Africa's massive appeal as a popular tourism destination, Alpha says their analysis shows that 63 out of every 10 000 photos taken in the whole of South Africa have used #gapyear. Of the cities that feature, only 24 out of every 10 000 photos taken in Pretoria have used the hashtag #gapyear.  

"We searched for the hashtag ‘gapyear’ on Instagram and matched this to its location tag to reveal the number of times the hashtag was used at each destination. We’ve excluded any organisations that were tagged as locations, as well as whole countries and kept this to destinations in each country. Where landmarks within each destination have been tagged, we’ve matched this to the destination. All data is correct as of 26 June 2018."

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So where are the prime #GapYear Spots according to Instagram pics shared:

  • New York is the number one gap year destination on Instagram with 818 out of 10,000 photos having the hashtag #gapyear.
  • In second place is Sydney, Australia and third place Bali, Indonesia
  • Europe is the most popular gap year continent, with 9 of the top 25 destinations featured there.
  • Locations include Rome, Italy, Paris, France, London, United Kingdom and Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 4 destinations feature in the USA, 4 in Asia and 3 Down Under
  • London ranks 7th for the world’s most popular gap year destination

Posting travel photos on one of the world’s most popular online platforms, Instagram has never been more popular. With an average of 80 million photos uploaded every single day and just under a mind-blowing 400 million posts on the site having the hashtag #travel alone.  

Here are the top 10 most popular gap year destinations around the world:

1. New York, United States - 818 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear  

2. Sydney, Australia - 300 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear 

3. Bali, Indonesia - 280 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear 

4. Rome, Italy - 265 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear 

5. Paris, France - 200 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear

6. Melbourne, Australia - 192 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear

7. London, United Kingdom - 182 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear

8. Venice, Italy - 116 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear

9. Bangkok, Thailand - 111 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear 

10. United States - 107 out of 10 000 with the hashtag #gapyear