#GapYear: Luxury accommodation on a budget

2017-09-30 16:30 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - The idea of a gap year after high school is appealing to students across the world - what better way to spend a year exploring the world and 'finding yourself'.

Imagine the freedom of travelling the world with a single backpack. Endless opportunities. 

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Travelling through your gap year can be daunting and rather costly if not carefully planned. Gap year travellers often head to the cheapest hostel they can find for accommodation. 

The idea of hostels is not as appealing as we would hope it would be - thinking of double bunked beds that line a room and 'co-share' bathrooms without shower curtains, depriving you of your privacy.

However, these up-market hostels scattered across the globe have changed the stereotypes.

Backpackers do not have to 'rough it' and spend a night in a grimy room - with these options available. 

If you are looking for comfort and class at an affordable price - then these are the spots to head to during your gap year.  Wheretraveller has provided some insight into these affordable hostels.

12 Wonderful Hostels

1. Thailand - Chiang Mai

Oxotel Hostel 

Cost: R399 per night

With an array of room types and state of the art facilities - this is a true bargain in Thailand. 

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2. Colorado - Breckenridge

The Bivvi 

Cost: R432 per night

A mix of the rustic woodlands and modernity - a perfect spot for a fire. There may be bunk beds but they are kitted out to be modern.

3. Russia - Saint Petersburg 

Soul Kitchen

Cost: R500 - R750 depending on season

Soul Kitchen is a small scale hostel. The kitchen is communal and meals are encouraged to be prepared together. The boutique nature of it provides a fresh and new outlook.

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4. Morocco - Taghazout

Amayour Surf Hostel 

Cost: R203 per night 

This deal is an absolute bargain an the hostel is unique - cattering to surf, yoga and 'good vibes'. They provide you with an authentic experience of Morocco.

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5. Prague 

Mosaic House Hostel 

Cost: R238 per night

This hostel provides you with a splash of color as the surpsing design welcomes you.

6. Iceland - Reykjavik

The Oddsson

Cost: R800 per night 

The Oddsson provides you with the freedom of choice - you could bunk it out or have your own private hotel room, make a meal or have the finest chefs in town whip you up something delicious. 

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7. Greece - Santorini 


Cost:  R624 per night 

Equipped with a true medditeranean flare - Caveland has a variety to offer with it's design and rooms. 

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8. Austria - Vienna 

Wombat's City Hostel 

Cost: R450 per night

Offering a cozy hostel experience - it is known for it's 'laid' back feel and the chic underground like design. 

9. Curacoa - Willemstad

The Ritz Village 

Cost:  R328 per night

Once an ice cream factory turned into warm and luxurious resort - boasting a wonderful pool to dive into.


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10. Spain - Barcelona 


Cost: R738 per night

Located in the heart of a city filled with architecture, it is no surprise the design is wonderful. 

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11. New Zeland - Maborough

Hopewell Lodge

Cost: R900 per night

It is an award winning lodge that is located on the South of New Zealand. If you are looking for a break away from the hustle and bustle of city life then this is the spot for you.

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12. Hungary - Budapest 

Maverick Hostel 

Cost: R300 per night

Located in a renovated Royal mansion built by the Hapsburg Dynasty in the heart of the city  - it is near the main attractions. There is an offering of private or shared rooms. 


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After viewing all these wonderful and affordable options - you will be ready to pack your bags and jet off. Start booking your flight plans here.

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Local must-see: Once 

Of course we cannot help but mention this game-changer when it comes to hostels locally or poshtel as they like to refer to themselves. 

"Once in Cape Town is an internationally revered hostel for all types of travelers and backpackers..."

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