Fun facts about El Gordo - the world's biggest lottery

2015-12-21 20:00 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town -  Queues have formed in Spain to buy tickets for the world’s richest lottery which will give out prizes worth a grand total of more than R32 billion (from €2 billion) in prizes.

The annual Christmas lottery known as "El Gordo", literally translated to "The Fat One", will take place on Tuesday, December 22.

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Spaniards are estimated to spend more than R1 000 each on average for tickets for "El Gordo" according to the state lottery, RT reports.

The lottery, which dates back to 1812, is an institution in the country with the odds of winning standing at one in six, according to the Spanish branch of The Local.

The top prize for this year's win is being capped at R6.5 million, with the remain part of the honeypot allowed for multiple draws and thousands of winners. As so many people enter the draw, numbers are repeated up to 160 times, meaning each prize can potentially be shared between 160 people.

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Every year, Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, the Spanish Christmas Lottery, is played by over 90% of the Spanish population. Here are a few fun facts about this world-renowned Spanish Christmas tradition:

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