From Japan banning 'sand graffiti' to Italy's 'snacking ban' - fines to be aware of while travelling

2019-05-25 16:30 - Marisa Crous
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Earlier this year the Italian coastal town of Cinque Terre started clamping down on people who walk the paths set above the villages in shoes that aren't fit for walking, like flip-flops. Threatening a fine of around R800, the UNESCO site and national park were fed-up with the amount of people getting injured on these paths. 

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And last year, Florence banned people from snacking on the pavements. Specifically, in one street where neighbours complained about tourists sitting in their doorways, on the steps leading to their homes and blocking access to their businesses, etc. All because tourists wanted to eat (and probably Instagram) the famous sandwiches found at All’ Antico Vinaio.

Don't be that obnoxious tourist.   

The sandwiches do look great though...(drool)

Now, Japan has instituted a $400+ fine (R5 700) for people who draw 'sand graffiti' when visiting the Tottori dunes in Japan. These dunes have existed in the San-in Coast National Park for 100 000 years, says Travel and Leisure. 

TOTTORI, JAPAN - JULY 21: Two children walk on To

(People seen at the Tottori Sand Dunes along the coast of the Sea of Japan, outside the city of Tottori, western Honshu. The dunes have existed for over 100 000 years; they were created by the Sendai River washing out sand from the Chugoku Mountains. . PHOTOS: Getty) 

TOTTORI, JAPAN - JULY 21: Two children walk on To
TOTTORI, JAPAN - JULY 21: Two children walk on To

Locals consider sand writing or 'sand graffiti' an eyesore as it distracts from the dunes' natural beauty. A lot of it is footprints of people scaling it, but many visitors have been caught writing big messages all over the dunes. 

Not very natural. 

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Here are a few bans around the world you might want to take note of when travelling: 

  • Smoking has been banned on many beaches in Thailand. Accounting for about 30% of litter found on beaches, I'd say this was a good call. 
  • Some cities like Hvar in Croatia does not allow people to roam the streets in only their swimwear or shirtless. 
  • Diving into the ocean from a cruise ship will get you banned for life. 
  • Some destinations, particularly those with coral reefs like Palau, have bans on some types of sunscreen as it harms the environment. So be sure to check if yours is safe to take along. 

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