#FindYourEscape: Solo female traveller's bucket list

2017-08-29 19:20 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - There is a certain air to travelling alone that allows one to fully immerse oneself in a country's culture and lifestyle.  As solo travel becomes more popular, we thought we'd look at the best places for women in particular to head to. 

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Female empowerment through travel

This women's month, it's been highlighted that many females are still objectified and confined to gender stereotypes but some countries are changing this narrative towards a more equal society. The idea of solo travel can be daunting for many female travellers due to societal influences or travelling risks. 

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However, this wonderful list of must-visit countries for solo female adventurers might just have you changing your mind. 

1. Spain,  Barcelona 

The dining options are said to be a great draw-card for solo travellers. Another positive is the concise mapping available for all tourists, allowing ease of travel in and around the city. 

2.  Seattle, USA

There is an array of cafes -making it an ideal 'rest stop' when touring the city. The cafe culture also caters for the solo traveller to dine in style or have a quick bite and dash to the next site. 

3. Germany, Munich 

The Bavarian town of Munich is home to welcoming locals. Their Christmas markets are beautiful - making it a 'white Christmas'.

Ayuntamiento Viejo #Munich #travelmunich

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4. Croatia, Dubrovnik 

Known for being a filming location for the ever popular Game of Thrones series - Croatia has beautiful architecture and natural scenrey. It is said to have a really low crime rate too.

This is Dubrovnik's old town, the backstreets are among the prettiest in Europe! Shot on @canonuk

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5. Austria, Salzburg

Being the home of Mozart - it is filled with arts and inspiration as there is an array of musical venues. Ride a bike or walk around to get about in the city.

6. Taiwan, Taipei 

A country that is filled with a diverse mix of history and modernity. All public transportation services are in english and the trains are monitored with CCTV footage, which should give female passengers a bit more peace of mind when travelling during off-peak times.  

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7. Caribbean, Saba

A Dutch Carribean Island with a vibrant ocean- making it ideal for scuba-diving. If you want to challenge yourself - take a hike up Mount Scenery

Bairro/Vila de St Johns, em Saba... parece ter saído de algum quadro.

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8. Denmark, Copenhagen 

It is a destination catering to solo travellers with its dinning and friendly locals.

9. Austrailia, Melbourne

According to Economist Intelligent Unit Melbourne has been considere the 'most livable city in the world'. There is a single  free train tram that takes tourists to all the hot spots in Melboure.

10. Sweden, Stockholm 

They are known as one of the most gender equal societies in the world. Take a ride through the sky with the adventure park - Insane. All main sites and attraction are in close proximity to one another. 

11. Japan, Okinawa

Travel to Naha for a quiet moment away from the bustle of Japan - the monorail is easily accessible from the airport to the city centre. 

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12. Norway, Fjord's 

The easy-to-use and accessible tourism guides allow solo travellers to experience Norway on their own. A clear guide to go with is Norway in A Nutshell.

13. England, London 

Most tourists sites are in a close proxomity to one another - allowing for an easy commute. 

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14. Iceland 

Iceland has been considered one of the most gender equal countries in the world as the Institute for economics and the Global Peace Index have indicated in their report. 

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Vesturhorn ???? Photo by @andrey_brandis! #MyStopover

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