Cows do fly... Why these milk-makers took a trip to Mauritius

2016-09-13 11:51
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Cape Town - Luxury knows no boundaries, it seems. And if it requires a herd of cows to be flown over the Indian Ocean to produce milk in Mauritius, that's what will be done. 

Don't believe us? Listen to this... A herd of Jersey cows was recently relocated to Mauritius for the sole purpose of producing the best milk for coffee!

"Excellent coffee is a must, not a luxury," the hotel and resort group LUX says. "And that’s why you’ll find a Café LUX at the heart of all our resorts and hotels. 

"Fresh milk is quite scarce in Mauritius, but rather than compromise our quality by using UHT, we relocated a herd of Jersey cows to Mauritius. We want to offer guests the finest barista-made coffee, day or night."

If you haven't thought of a visit to Mauritius before, you seriously need to consider it.

Recent data shared by Cheapflights shows Mauritius is the number one choice of tourism destination among South Africans. 

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Are you looking to go? Air Mauritius has regular flights flying directly  from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

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