Cape Town ranks as Lonely Planet's 2nd best city worldwide

2016-10-27 11:30 - Anje Rautenbach
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Cape Town - Lonely Planet revealed the best of the best in travel in their newly published guide, Best in Travel 2017, which features picks from around the world in the categories for top countries, top regions, top cities and places offering the best value for money.

Cape Town racked up yet another award and got its Capetonian roots firmly planted in second place under the world-renowned travel guide’s category, Top 10 Cities, with Bordeaux, France in first place.

Lonely planet praised the Mother City and said, “Cape Town’s deceptively laid-back folk have been working hard to add cultural and culinary cred to the Mother City’s famous natural charms, cementing its reputation an as African city with a global outlook”.

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Culinary tourism is becoming more and more a growing trend and it goes to show with the mention of Cape Town’s historic wine estates, hip markets and inventive restaurants in Best in Travel 2017.

Other trendsetting cities to visit include Los Angeles (USA), Merida (Mexico), Ohrid (Macedonia), Pistoia, (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Lisbon (Portugal), Moscow (Russia) and Portland (Oregon).

Canada and its snowy mountain peaks peeked in at number one in the category, Top 10 countries. The country – celebrating 150 years since confederation - is known for its impeccable politeness and the weak Canadian dollar will encourage visitors to spend a bit more on its fusion food, wine as well as travel experiences.

A few of the other destinations you can’t afford to miss next year are Colombia, Finland, Dominica and Nepal.

But that is not the only spot the Himalayan wonder got in Best in Travel 2017. In the category, Top 10 Value, Nepal with all its trekking routes, culture and wildlife was voted as the top country to visit if you want more bang for your buck. Other budget-friendly destinations included, in order, Nambia, Porto (Portugal), Venice (Italy), Debrecen (Hungary), Belize, Morocco, Russia, Bellarine Peninsula (Australia) and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (USA).

While some of the cites and countries don’t seem like an inexpensive trip at first sight, the travel experts suggested, for example in Venice, to stay in an area away from the tourists crowds with a kitchen at your disposal.

It came as no surprise that Choquequirao in Peru got voted as the top region to visit – Macchu Picchu and llamas, need we say more? Taranaki in New Zealand got the second spot, followed by the Azores, Portugal and North Wales in the United Kingdom.

Lonely Planet’s panel of travel experts chose destinations for its topicality, unique experiences as well the “wow” factor and boast that they don’t only report on the trends, but rather set the trends.

On that trendsetting note, here is the full list of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017.

Top 10 Cities

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1) Bordeaux, France

2) Cape Town, South Africa

3) Los Angeles, USA

4) Mérida, Mexico

5) Ohrid, Macedonia

6) Pistoia, Italy

7) Seoul, South Korea

8) Lisbon, Portugal

9) Moscow, Russia

10) Portland, USA


Top 10 Countries

1) Canada

2) Colombia

3) Finland

4) Dominica

5) Nepal

6) Bermuda

7) Mongolia

8) Oman

9) Myanmar (Burma)

10) Ethiopia

Top 10 Regions

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1) Choquequirao, Peru

2) Taranaki, New Zealand

3) Açores, Portugal

4) North Wales, UK

5) South Australia

6) Aysén, Chile

7) Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia

8) The Georgia coast, USA

9) Perak, Malaysia

10) Skellig Ring, Iceland

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