Cape Town makes the list for cheapest city to buy a round of drinks in

2017-08-02 20:00 - Ishani Chetty
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Buying a round of drinks has it's positives and negatives - it's easier for a bunch of thirsty people but it also in most instances does not turn out to be fair on the person paying for the round, especially if it turns into more than one round.

In some cases people can get away without paying for the round because as the number of rounds increase, so does the clarity. 

This does not stop people from doing it though - and it is an old-school tradition to crack a cold one with your 'mates' at the bar or grabbing some cocktails with the ladies to catch up. 

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We have the perfect list to help you know where to head out for a round of drinks when travelling and where not to as it might leave your wallet empty for the night. It's good to know that Cape Town made the list for the Top 10 cheapest places in the world to grab a round of drinks. 

Most expensive 'round' of drinks 

If you are going to head out for a round of drinks - you might as well do it somewhere cheap to avoid racking up a large bill at the end of the night. There are a few places in the world where you would not want to buy a round of drinks as it would be heavy on the pockets. 

According to Short List Here is a list of the most expensive countries in the world to purchase a round of drinks, these estimations have been converted from British Pounds to Rands. These number of drinks varies to cost per 4 people - granted you do not order the most expensive drink on the menu.

1. Paris 

A round of drinks in Paris will set you back R 241 - considering this includes a beer, coffee, water and a coke, being the most uneventful round of drinks around. An expensive evening ahead for a few cold ones. 

2. Dubai

This comes as no surprise due to their strict alcohol regulations in the country - making it harder for tourists consume alcohol within their boarders. Not all of us are 'DJ Khaled' spending the summer in Dubai. A round of drinks cost R226.

3. New York 

The Big Apple will definitely leave a big hole in your pockets as a round of drinks cost R 211.


4. Hong Kong

A round of drinks in the culturally vibrant Hong Kong will cost you R 204

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5. Chicago

The prices for the most expensive round of drinks has still not dramatically dropped as it costs R 194 for four 'basic' drinks in Chicago 


6. Singapore

One of the most innovative cities in the world and yet a round of drinks cost R 192. 

7. Sydney

Many South Africans head on over to Aussie land but our drinks will always be cheaper - a round of drinks will cost you R 191 'mate'.

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8. Los Angeles

Cities in the US have appeared more than once on this list - perhaps it is an indication that the prices are just too high, setting you back R 184.

9. Auckland 

New Zealand is known for its friendly locals - their drink prices on the other hand, are not as friendly. It will cost R 183 for a few drinks. 

10. Melbourne 

The Aussie's are back at it again with their high drinking prices - costing R 181 a round. 

Cheapest 'round'of drinks

We all love to save money and being thrifty is important to South African Travellers. Here is a list of where to get the cheapest round of drinks in the world, the Mother City shines bright on this list. 

1. Cairo 

If you are looking for the cheapest round of beers to buy your buddies then head to Cairo, Egypt. A round will cost you R 69. 

2. Cape Town 

The Mother City made the list! It is clear why tourists and locals flock to the beautiful city in December to unwind and relax, no wonder Capetonians are super 'chill' people. Cape Town is doing us proud at R 84 a round. 

3. Lima 

The capital of Peru will cost you an easy R 93 per round.

4. Mumbai 

A round of drinks will cost R 94

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5. New Delhi 

The bustling city in India will you keep busy and also keep you out-an- about as a round of drinks cost R 95


South African's flock to Thailand annually to enjoy the 'Island' lifestyle - not to mention the drinks are cheap at R 97 a round. Curious to check it out? WATCH: Thailand in 360 Virtual Reality Style

7. Rio de Janerio 

Enjoy a round of drinks at the beach for R 114. 

8. Mexico city 

Tequila is some people's worst enemy and some people's best friends - with a round of drinks at R 115, it is everyone's 'best friend'.

9. Istanbul 

The beautiful and majestic Turkey offers a round of drinks for R 119.

10. Santiago 

Another spicy country to explore offers a few drinks for R 120 - cheers to that. 

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Now that you have the ideal list of where to grab the cheapest drinks around the world - book a ticket to Cape Town by clicking here.  Go ahead and get 'lit' with the Squad in Cape Town.

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