PICS: Unusual snowfall turns Greece into a Winter Wonderland

2019-01-11 14:08
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Europe has seen a magnitude of snowfall in the first few days of 2019.

Not usually associated with very cold temperatures, or snow for that matter, the Mediterranean hub that is Greece has experienced unprecedented snowfall over the last week.

On Tuesday, Athenians woke up to a Winter Wonderland. Historical and archaeological sites like the temple of Zeus, and the Academy of Athens found on Acropolis Hill were covered in snow, and even Athens' beaches were dusted with snowflakes. Schools in the wider Attica area even closed for the day.

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However, the Washington Post reports that snowfall in Athens itself is not as uncommon as most people may thing with a 4.5 days per year of snow reported on average in the city. Yet it's way more than usual. 

And the whole of Greece is colder than ever. Meteorologists have named this unusual weather pattern "Tilemachos", finding that temperatures have dropped lower than in years past for this particular time of year. For example, the city of Florina, in northern Greece reached an all-time low of -23 °C this week. 

Here are more photos: 

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