Things to do in the Dark: 10 Spooky SA adventures for Halloween

2015-10-30 09:03 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - It's Halloween! So why not dare to explore South Africa in a slightly different light...?

While Halloween might not be suited to everyone, Traveller24 believes that any opportunity to travel should be embraced. 

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We have put together a group of activities for everyone to enjoy. Check these out... we dare you!


1. Halloween Howlers night trick or treat run – Johannesburg 

Wear your Halloween costume and join a fun crowd for trick or treating run through the woods. The walk or run is suitable for all families. 1.3km, 3km or 4.5 km. To be a part of the fun - everyone needs to have a headlight.  

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2. Steenberg Trail Run  Western Cape

A night run through the vineyards and past the old graveyard is bound to send shivers down your spine this Halloween. Prizes will be awarded for best dressed. 

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3. Muratie Night Run – Stellenbosch

Are you afraid of the dark? Experience Muratie’s single track and test your nerves with a riveting night run for a unforgettable Halloween evening.  Be careful not to get lost....

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4. Kestell Adventures 

Dare to dive into the abyss and cave by candlelight at Sabie Caves. Squeeze through small spaces and adventure through the dark mountains. 

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5. Sudwala Caves

Embark on an underground adventure amidst crystals, water pools and mystery tunnels.

6. Cango Caves - Oudtshoorn

Explore the Fairyland chambers with a fun fantasy tour. This colourful adventure is bound to convince anyone that fairies and tokoloshes do indeed exist. See the helicities hanging from the ceiling in frozen motion.

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7. Starlight Cinema and Entertainment

Enjoy the lighter side of Halloween with a trip down memory lane. This weekend The Adams Family will be showing at a spooky open air theatre. Grab your picnic baskets, popcorn and blankets for an evening of family fun. 

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8. Kimberly Meander 

Adventure into the beyond with a tour through Kimberly's ghost town. Discover shivering facts and fallacies about ghostly visitations in Kimberley. The trail starts at the imposing Honoured Dead Memorial. Heart-stopping facts are revealed during this entertaining guided night tour of diamond city.

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9. Kaapse Hoop Mpumalanga 

The Kaapsehoop Ghost tour is of the small Nelspruit village with a history of murder, intrigue, mystery coming from a haunted gold mining past.

10. Mystery Ghost Bus - Pretoria, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth 

Can you trust your friends? Bring a torch and your camera and travel through the city with a spooky crowd on a night of fun thrills and surprises. Are you brave enough for the tour of the cemetery?

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