#TourismForAll: Saldanha Bay helps boost unique West Coast tourism offering

2017-07-03 13:30 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town – Chairperson of Saldanha Bay Tourism, Vallerie Murphy has called for local communities along the West Coast to take part and help grow tourism in the areas through their unique experiences that "people don’t know existed in the region".

Speaking at the official launch and opening of West Coast tourism office on Friday, 30 June Murphy says for tourism in the region to grow and be better, the key element is to tap into the communities and showcase what the town has to offer, over and above the well-known attractions of the region.

“There's a lot more untapped experiences in the  West Coast, apart from kitesurfing and other great things, and we want tourist to see those experiences too,” says Murphy.

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Murphy says, although West Coast isn’t massive in terms of scale like other cities in the Western Cape, the people and the culture are what sets it apart and that alone should make people want to visit the region.

'West coast staycation'

“Everything you see overseas, the West Coast has it so there really isn’t a need for people to book a ticket and go overseas because it just outside their doorstep, ” says Murphy.

Added to this, Murphy says there are a lot more initiatives in the pipeline that will help boost West Coast tourism.

Murphy says new activities in line with emerging trends are being introduced in the region that will see more business in the communities - centred largely on an exciting events calendar that should draw tourists in.

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“West Coast tourism is also partnering with local SMME’s to demonstrate collaboration between tourism and the communities because such initiatives also help create job opportunities,” says Murphy.

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