Say goodbye to the Sun City hotel...

2016-10-26 17:55
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Cape Town - The oldest hotel built within the Sun International Group's Sun City resort is rebranding. So say goodbye Sun City Hotel and hello Soho Hotel! 

But will a holiday stay at this iconic North West destination by any other name be just as sweet we wonder? 

According to an update posted by the group, the rebranding of the flagship hotel built in 1979 will capture the essence of Soho destinations in New York and London, "renowned for their popularity with the in-crowd, eclectic vibe and non-stop action".

The group states it wants the Sun City Hotel to be an independent brand, “with its own strong identity as with the resort's other hotels The Cabanas, Cascades and Palace of the Lost City". 

It will still host the group's iconic Sun City casino, but the Sun City Theatre has been revamped to make way for the millennial bar called vibes and a modern nightclub Encore. 

Sun International spokesperson Liam Oddie says,” Soho is the destination within the resort that will be always on", stating the hotels octagonal design and geometric shape symbolising totality and balance inspired the changes and aligns the groups aim to be "a world within a City".

Overall, the resort is currently undergoing a R1-billion revamp, set to be completed by 2017.

These include a new slide, giving the ultimate 17m plummet body slide adventure in a capsule at the Valley of the waves, as well as expanded accommodation options within its Cabanas Chalets offering. 

“Sun City is the flagship property of Africa’s largest tourism, leisure and gaming group. It has a special place in the hearts of the millions of people who visit the resort each year,” says Mike van Vuuren, managing executive of Sun City.

”With this substantial investment we strive to continue being unrivalled when it comes to providing our guests with superb hospitality options.”

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