Need some inspiration? This incredible video will make you #LoveSA

2016-02-22 17:08 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - If today is one of those blue Mondays, we've got just the think to pick you up. 

The grass may well be greener on the other side of the world in terms of on-time public transport, fuel pricing and a more stable economy, but nothing beats South Africa's green pastures in terms of tourism and living in the most beautiful place on the globe. 

We're reminded of this country inexpressible beauty again by looking at Germany travel company iTravel's interpretation of SA.

The travel company, which prides itself on finding those special moments all travellers search for, chose SA as the perfect destination for the launch of their video series - and we can see why. 

Check out the video here: This Incredible Travel Video Will Make You #LoveSA

The video isn't overloaded with sound effects, voice-overs or visual effects, but shows South Africa's iconic landmarks just as they are - simply breathtaking. 

The travel company provides tours in various countries in the world, but labels Cape Town as the most beautiful city in the world. 

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South Africa and many of the major cities in the country is often ranked in the World's Most Beautiful lists. 

In May last year, SA was ranked the overall most beautiful country on Earth by Buzzfeed

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