Kayaking the Supermoon: A larger than life adventure

2016-11-15 16:23 - Shalini Tewari
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Shalini Tewari

The last of a trio of supermoons is taking place this Wednesday, if you're wanting to make the most of the experience, try a different vantage point - you also don't have to wait for a supermoon to do this. 

Here Shalini Tewari shares here kayaking experience of the November 2016 supermoon - when the full moon reached its closest point to the Earth since 1948.

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Many hike to the top of mountains or find the highest building from where to watch the moon rise. Others spend the evening having a picnic outside or enjoying a cocktail at an outdoor bar.

For me, this day marked six years living in South Africa, a country I travelled to for an intended short visit back in November 2010. The country, and specifically, the city of Cape Town, took hold of me, as it does many foreigners, and I soon made it my home.

Recently however, despite being constantly surrounded by beauty, my spirit has been somewhat subdued.

In a last-minute effort to find a great place to photograph the moonrise, I stumbled upon a unique adventure led by friend and colleague, Lesley Rochat - award-winning conservationist, filmmaker, photographer and writer.

Shark Warrior Adventures is a new adventured-based tourism initiative based in Simon's Town. They offer guided sea kayak safaris, snorkel safaris and stand-up paddling excursions.

Shalini Tewari

They had planned a two-hour excursion by kayak to view the moon rise at sea. I left the office and rushed to the harbour. The centre is located under the Seaforth Restaurant in Simon's Town.

The experience reminded me about the things that tickle my soul and the reason I travel. Everyone in the group had the same lively spirit and we were all excited to be there.

Shalini Tewari

The sea was rough and made kayaking difficult, but the excitement of where the moon would rise, whether the clouds would cover it, the sea air, the wild African penguins milling about, all made for a wonderful experience.

Shalini Tewari

The purpose of this new endeavour is to reconnect people with nature, an ability we've all lost rather dramatically. And it did the job. The next day, I woke up rejuvenated and focused on the things I love and want to protect.

Even if it was rainy or cloudy, it was nice just to take my mind off the daily grind and stop to appreciate life's simple, yet magnificent occurrences? 

Shalini Tewari

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To book a trip with Shark Warrior Adventures:
Tel: 082 843 5776
Email: info@sharkwarrior.com
Find out more on their website.

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